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Kalos on a Mission2021-03-10T14:20:09-05:00

Kalos on a Mission

All of us at Kalos, want to make an impact in our community. As a Kalos advisor, for those that have come with us the last four years to our January conferences, our partners know that we work with the local charity of each country we visit, to give back to the community in appreciation for allowing all of us to enjoy the beauty of the land.

With our advisors’ and sponsors’ help, we have been able to contribute to orphanages and schools in those local communities, to provide needs that these precious children have in their daily lives. It has been a labor of love and one that is dear to us. We have deeply appreciated everyone coming together as a community, to participate through funding and with their time.

This is a critical mission in our business and in our personal lives and we will continue to strengthen this community of like-minded people, that have a deep sense of purpose to make an impact on others’ lives.

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