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Investment Services and Offerings2019-09-13T11:48:19-04:00

Investment Services and Offerings

At Kalos, we recognize that every investor’s needs are unique and frequently benefit from access to diverse services and products. Our advisors have the expertise and experience in planning and implementing various brokerage, advisory, and insurance offerings that can be an excellent solution to your financial needs

Since its inception, Kalos has focused on providing sophisticated solutions using practices and products more commonly utilized by institutions and endowments.

Financial advisors using more advanced strategies can help their clients more effectively control risk while better positioning portfolios for excellent returns. This also can position portfolios for greater income potential throughout retirement.
To support our strategies, we provide much more than stocks and bonds because investors generally benefit from more sophisticated strategies utilizing far more diverse offerings.

In today’s competitive market, you need a comprehensive set of sophisticated technology platforms, flexible wealth management products and extensive resources to help you nurture customer relationships and maximize your practice.

Kalos Capital offers a wide array of products to meet your clients’ needs. In addition to standard products such as equities, fixed income, mutual funds, and annuities, we also have one of the industry’s largest selection of alternative investments.
Orders can be entered online or by calling the Fidelity trading desk. Advisors also have online access to:
  • Delayed or real-time quotes
  • Check order status
  • Get order execution information
  • Establish unlimited quote lists
  • Access research from several sources
Kalos has partnered with Bond Trader Pro and AAM to provide advisors access to the inventories of many large investment firms.
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Government Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • GNMA’s
  • CMO’s
  • Agency Securities
  • Unit Investment Trusts
  • Zero Coupon Bonds
  • Discount Notes
  • Commercial Paper
  • Bankers’ Acceptance Notes
  • CD’s
Kalos has vendor agreements with over 40 different insurance companies.
At Kalos Management, we pride ourselves on providing advisors with innovative and powerful money management tools and products to help them effectively serve the diverse financial needs of their clients.

Supporting more advanced portfolio structures requires outstanding products and fee-based platforms as well as exceptional tools, operational systems, personnel and support - including compliance.

At Kalos Management, you will find that and more.

Access to professional portfolio management services has grown significantly over the years. Recognizing that no single money manager can be all things to all investors, Kalos offers a diverse number of managers that offer their own unique proposition when it comes to managing client assets.
To help advisors adapt to industry changes (ex. FINRA Rule 15-02), Kalos Management offers the flexibility of being able to charge a management fee on alternative investments purchased at NAV. This includes REITs, BDCs and Interval Funds.

In some cases, advisors may be able to hold commission-based and fee-based products in the same account, which means less paperwork for clients and possible savings on custodian fees.
A variety of third party money managers are available through the Kalos UMA, which allows you to hold strategies from multiple managers with the convenience of a single account.

UMAs provide consolidated statements for your clients and also help to streamline performance reporting. With certain money managers, individual strategies are offered at a lower cost within the UMA.

Kalos UMAs are offered through Envestnet with assets custodied at TD Ameritrade or RBC.
Kalos recognizes that some advisors choose to manage their clients’ portfolios themselves. Through our advisor-managed program, you have the flexibility to choose the assets that best fit your fee-based clients’ needs. Availability of this program is subject to approval.

Advisors using Kalos’ managed money solutions receive access to state-of-the-art performance reporting platforms. These platforms help you run your business more efficiently and communicate account performance to your clients more accurately.
  • TD Ameritrade accounts—Black Diamond
  • National Financial Services (NFS) accounts—Tamarac
  • RBC (and any of the above custodians)—Circle Black
Beyond the three primary asset classes: stocks, bonds, and cash- many other types of investments can be used to diversity investment portfolios. The term "alternative assets" or non-traditional assets, can include many different investment choices than what is typically utilized in portfolio construction.

Alternative assets may include specific physical assets, such as natural resources or real estate, or methods of investing, such as hedge funds or private equity. In some cases, even geographic regions, such as emerging or frontier global markets, are considered alternative assets.

Kalos Financial offers a variety or alternative assets, including:
  • Non-Traded REITs
  • Oil and Gas
  • Private Placement (Reg D) Offerings
  • Managed Futures
  • Business Development Companies (BDCs)
  • Hedge Funds
Kalos Financial is an active participant in the Institute for Portfolio Alternatives (IPA), a national trade association who is an advocate of direct participation programs (DPP) and champion of best practices in training, promotion, and disclosure of DPP programs for the investing public.
Kalos offers cutting edge technology to advisors and clients. Examples of this include Circle Black and Docupace Concierge service.

Circle Black provides industry leading applications through one app at an advisors' fingertips. These include a CRM system, portfolio analysis, portfolio risk management, and consolidated reporting. From a client's perspective, Circle Black allows additional assets to be included to provide a more holistic outlook.

Docupace Concierge Service is an exciting new feature based off the Kalos' Advisor portal. From filling out paperwork, to sending documents to clients via secured email for e-signature to processing all the way to Kalos, Docupace allows advisors to streamline processes. Advisors and their staff will now have the ability to submit requests through a single portal. This will increase efficiency and drive office productivity. Advisor offices will now be able to concentrate on serving new and existing clients.
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