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'Market Commentaries' is the long-running series of articles authored by Daniel Wildermuth, President and CEO, Kalos Financial. Mr. Wildermuth shares his in-depth knowledge of the market as it relates to national and international events, and their effects on the investment world. Sign up to receive the monthly updates below.
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Our History

Daniel and Carol Wildermuth co-founded Kalos in 1997 and opened their doors to advisors in 2004 with a clear vision of creating a community where advisors and stakeholders can enhance their lives and the lives of others through access to unique and compelling investment solutions and by building meaningful relationships based upon mutual respect.

Combining decades of experience in the financial services industry, including advising clients, Daniel and Carol bring a unique understanding and perspective to our advisors, because they have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to build a successful business.

The collaboration and support Kalos brings to advisors to help them grow their business and has been the driving force since inception and continues to be the focus within the Kalos community.

The name, “Kalos”

By definition, Kalos denotes that which is intrinsically “fair, right, honorable, and of such conduct as deserves esteem.”

Kalos also means “honest, regarded with honor, honorable and bringing honor” and “to maintain good works.”

The name describes our values and purpose. At Kalos, we strive to treat and represent our clients, employees and associates in a manner worthy of the company’s name.