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Your finances may benefit from a customized, flexible, and comprehensive solution - and that is our specialty. Our emphasis on incorporating portfolio approaches common to sophisticated institutions and endowments might also help you prepare for – and financially enjoy – retirement.

At Kalos, we recognize that every investor’s needs are unique and frequently benefit from access to diverse services and products. Our advisors have the expertise and experience in planning and implementing various brokerage, advisory, and insurance offerings that can be an excellent solution to your financial needs.

Since its inception, Kalos has focused on providing sophisticated solutions using practices and products more commonly utilized by institutions and endowments. Financial advisors using more advanced strategies can help their clients more effectively control risk while better positioning portfolios for excellent returns. This also can position portfolios for greater income potential throughout retirement.

To support our strategies, we provide much more than stocks and bonds because investors generally benefit from more sophisticated strategies utilizing far more diverse offerings. We seek out and supply advanced products and services that deliver the best personalized services.

Because we're independent, our advisors have the flexibility to make appropriate options available to their clients. We provide products and services from various financial channels that we believe will best serve advisors and their clients.

Beyond the three primary asset classes--stocks, bonds, and cash-- many other types of investments can be used to diversify investment portfolios. The term "alternative assets" or non-traditional assets, can include many different investment choices than what is typically utilized in portfolio construction. Alternative assets may include specific physical assets, such as natural resources or real estate, or methods of investing, such as hedge funds or private equity. In some cases, even geographic regions, such as emerging or frontier global markets, are considered alternative assets.

Alternative assets often are highly dependent on knowledgeable investors skilled in selecting specific investment categories. For this reason, they were primarily utilized by large institutional investors such as endowments and foundations, or the very wealthy. Today, this is no longer the case. Because alternatives are still a relatively new and rapidly expanding category, the typical investor might do well to seek out expert advice and guidance when selecting alternative assets for inclusion in their portfolio as a way to add diversification as well as attempt to further mitigate volatility.

Kalos Financial offers a variety of alternative assets, including:

  • Non-Traded REITs

  • Oil and Gas

  • Private Placement (Reg D) Offerings

  • Managed Futures

  • Business Development Companies (BDCs)

  • Hedge Funds

Kalos Financial is an active participant in the Investment Products Association, a national trade association who is an advocate of direct participation programs (DPP) and champion of best practices in training, promotion and disclosure of DPP programs for the investing public, and the Alternative & Direct Investment Securities Association (ADISA), a national trade association of decision makers who influence over 30,000 professionals involved in alternative investments, primarily non-traded alternatives.


These pictures are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect current investment opportunities.


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