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'Market Commentaries' is the long-running series of articles authored by Daniel Wildermuth, President and CEO, Kalos Financial. Mr. Wildermuth shares his in-depth knowledge of the market as it relates to national and international events, and their effects on the investment world. Sign up to receive the monthly updates below.
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Kalos Financial Overview

Daniel and Carol Wildermuth co-founded Kalos in 1997 to provide financial solutions through Broker Dealer services and Investment Advisory Services to seasoned, independent, cross-licensed representatives and advisors.

Since inception, Kalos has been committed to providing advisors the best in investment offerings, platforms, and services that the industry offers. We understand advisors have a deep commitment to serving their clients and providing the best experience as possible.

What it means to be part of Kalos

Our purpose

To create community where advisors can enhance their lives and the lives of others through access to unique and compelling investment solutions and by building meaningful relationships based upon mutual respect.

Our guiding principles

To always be honest and honorable.

To be purposeful; bringing thoughtfulness and intellectual rigor to everything we do.

To always be developing unique and compelling investment strategies and solutions.

To build relationships that are right and fair; based upon shared mutual respect and esteem.

“Why” we do what we do

We create an environment where advisors can make a greater and more meaning impact on the lives of their clients and in so doing enhance their lives and their influence on others.

We do this through a platform of unique products and exceptional service—measured by our advisors’ standards as much as our own. We help our advisors better serve their clients and grow their practices.

We work with advisors to implement more advanced and sophisticated portfolios using practices proven by large endowments and institutions.

Our 3 pillars


Our people have unique talents and abilities that, when harnessed and directed, create meaning, prosperity and wellbeing.

We bring out each other’s strengths when working together.

Thought Leaders

We believe in the power of thought and reward innovation that leads to superior industry services and solutions.

We can affect positive change in the lives of others.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in our actions and in our treatment of others.

This is the non-negotiable bedrock of our organization.

Kalos Financial